Achieve Balance-Module 4-Nutrition: Foods That Fit

Special Rebroadcast for our Know Stroke Podcast Community

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When You Attend, You Will Learn...


  • How to Attain Clarity in a Field Full of Nutrition Contradictions
  • The Diet Wars and Why There is no "One Size Fits All" in Nutrition
  • Eating Clean Fifteen Foods and the Dirty Dozen
  • Supplements and The New Medical Weight Loss Drugs
  • The "3 F's" and Foods the Fit Best for Longevity and Brain Resilience
  • Is the Mediterranian Diet the 'Gold Standard' against Keto, Intermittent Fasting,Low Carb, High Protein or Vegan?? 
  • How to Build your Best Eating Plan with Free Apps and some AI ChatGPT Tricks

This module Action Guide toolkits Foods That Fit and Anti-Inflammatory Foods tipsheet will be available after you register and also during the event replay!